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Hung Tak Company Profile

Hung Tak Drapery Hardware Limited was founded in 1977. With our rapid expanding business for over 30 years, we have taken a leading role in the Hong Kong market of window fashion and drapery hardware.

Our headquarters locates in Hong Kong, while in Mainland our factory operates in accordance to meet up the production of high quality window fashion (curtain tracks and motorized blind system, window accessories and drapery fabrication) while at the same time we provide professional assembly and installation service. Our “one stop service” operation differentiates our quality service from other drapery suppliers. From proposing to price quoting, work progress to follow-up, after-sales service to maintenance, all procedures are smoothly connected sequences.

Our capacity to produce and deliver, our commitment in the area of pricing, the quality of products and short lead times build our reputation among business enterprises, offices, hotels, academic institutes, chain stores, banks, governmental organizations.

Our Vision

To deliver unique and innovative ideas of window treatments, offer high-quality products and services with a passion for delighting our customers and business partners.

Our Mission

We accommodate with diversity, and are sophisticated, embracing and accepting differences and challenges.

  • To provide the window products to clients unique needs with commitments in value-for-money.
  • To Keep ourselves updated with the latest windows fashion market trends
  • To provide excellence pre and post-sales service to our customers and business partners.
  • Strive to improve production skills and technology.

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