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Below is a glossary of terms to help you understand some of ther terminology.

Glossary of Terms:Box Pleat: deep inverted, tailored pleats which create a boxy look and add extra fullness. Appear flat on the right side of drapery

Carriers : Carriers are also called glides. These are the plastic devices used to hook the draperies to the rod.

Double Fullness: using fabric twice the measured width of the window.

End Brackets : Are the projections at the ends of the rod that attach the rod to the wall.

Flame Resistant (F/R) : A fabric that can burn but will not support actual flame. However, the fabric does meet the standards set by fire departments for flame resistance. Many of these fabrics are inherently flame resistant; meaning the fabric fibers themselves will not sustain flames.

Frenh Pleat : This is a three pronged pleat at the top of a drapery.

Fullness: the amount of fabric used in relation to the finished width of a drapery, usually between double (2x) to triple fullness (3x). 2x indicates the flat fabric is twice as wide as the finished drapery, 3x indicates three times as wide.
Hand-Draw Draperies: a drapery treatment pulled open or closed by hand or
with a baton.

Hooks/Pins : Drape hooks or pins are used to connect the drape to the rod. They are attached to the top back of the drape and behind the French Pleats. Factory Direct Drapes only uses heavy duty long lasting steel pleated drape hooks/pins. Interlining is a cotton felt like fabric that is placed between the drapery fabric and the lining to provide extra fullness, protection, and energy efficiency. Standard and Premium (Bump) are offered as options. Interlining also protects delicate fabrics such as Silk from the effects of the sun. We recommend Interlining on all Silk Drapery and Faux Silks to provide extra fullness. Our premium Suedeline lining is used when the interlined option is selected.

Please note: Using our Premium interlining "Bump" will make your drapes very heavy.

Linings: Standard lining is Challis consisting of a blend of polyester and cotton. Premium lining is Suedeline (dim out) consisting of a blend of polyeter and cotton is is denser than Challis. Suedeline will make your drapery heavier.

Master Carrier : Is the metal device attached beneath the drape to the rod that pulls the leading edges of a drapery together either to one side of the window or together in the middle. It is an elongated metal device that travels under the rod to pull the drapes across.
"Overdrape" is the Drapery installed over the Underdrape. Standard returns for an overdrape is 6" on a Standard Traverse Rod. It is always a good idea to check the Drapery Hardware you are using.

Overlap: is where the two panels of center split draw drapery draw together in the center and overlap on a traverse rod. The overlap is designed to close the drapery completely without any light gap.

Sheers: curtains or draperies made of translucent fabric to filter light and provide minimal privacy; often used under another drapery.

Tieback: a fabric band, cord or chain designed to hold draperies back on each side from the center of the window. Allows passage of light and adds a decorative look.

Traverse Drapery: treatment that opens or closes easily across a window by way of a traverse rod which it hangs from.

Trims: decorative braid, fringe, tassels, cord, gimp and other fabric trims used as an accent on curtains, draperies, or tiebacks.

Venetian Blinds: made of wood or metal slats, attached to cloth tape and worked by a cord pulley system.

Vertical Blinds: similar to Venetian blinds except slats run vertical and are on a traverse track.
"Undertreatment" is Drapery (usually Sheers) installed behind the main Drapery (Overdrape). Underdrapes do not need returns on Standard Double Traverse Rods as the Overdrape returns cover both rod returns.
Weights: lead or metal weights used in draperies and fabric vertical blinds to help them hang properly

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